Portable Springpole Instructions

Basic Hanging Instructions


Figure ( 1 )


-First connect the Bungee Spring ( D ) to the Hanging Strap ( A ) with a strap hitch.  See figure ( 3 )

-Use the anchor strap ( F ) to secure the system to the tree trunk.  Wrap the strap around the tree and pass one loop through the other and pull tight.

-Attach the Carabiner ( C ) to the free loop on the Anchor Strap ( F ) 

-Attach the free end of the Hanging strap ( A ) to the Cam Buckle ( B ).  Best to leave as much length as possible until later.

-Throw the Bungee Spring ( D ) over the tree branch.  Be careful not to get it snagged on branches or twigs.

-Attach a Bite Lure to the Velcro Strap ( E )

-Adjust the height of the Bite Lure by shortening the hanging strap with the Cam Buckle ( B )

Figure ( 2 )

Figure ( 3 )