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Tugmutt is home to the most unique dog toys in the world. Dedicated to providing new and innovative products that you and your dog will love. We are constantly trying to raise the bar in quality and customer service.




An innovative new tug toy for dogs with an internal bungee cord that adds a fun new aspect to tug-o-war.  

  The Tugmutt acts like a shock absorber taking a lot of the strain and pull off of your arm and shoulder.

It provides a strong muscle building workout for your dog while making it easy for you to hold and withstand the force of repeated tugging.   

The more times they pull and tug the more strength they build.

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We can say with confidence that Tugmutt Springpoles are the very best on the market today.

We have redesigned an old tool to work better, be safer, and provide more benefit to you and your dog.

Nothing builds strength and burns energy like a springpole.

For people with high energy dogs or busy schedules getting a Springpole can be a game changer.

Check out the best dog toy that most people have never heard of.

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A tired dog is a happy dog!

In order for your dog to be truly happy they need to get enough mental and physical stimulation every day. If your dog is destructive or behaving badly more exercise is almost always the answer. Responsible pet ownership includes providing these basic needs. Tugmutt is dedicated to making it easier to get your dog tired out.

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