The Handheld Springpole

An innovative new tug toy for dogs. 
The Tugmutt functions like a handheld version of a springpole used for building strength and muscle in dogs.

Available in 2 Sizes

The Tugmutt is available in Original and XL sizes. 
The original is the best choice for most dog owners, it is built strong enough to handle any size dog of any breed.

The XL is best suited for extra large breeds and aggressive tuggers.

The XL is generally not recommended for dogs under 50 lbs

A combination of your dogs weight and individual Tug Drive should determine which model is right for you.


Saves Your Arm and Shoulder

The Tugmutt acts like a shock absorber for your arm. 
It allows you to enjoy playing tug without having your arm pulled out of its socket.

 Your dog will respond positively to your ability to maintain a calm and assertive attitude while playing tug of war.

Simple Innovative Design

 Industrial grade bungee provides the shock absorbing power. 
The Original Tugmutt uses 3/8 inch bungee and takes about 60 lbs of force to fully stretch.  The XL uses 1/2 inch bungee and takes about 90lbs to fully stretch.  

Nothing for dogs lasts forever!
Thats why the Tugmutt has been designed so all the parts can easily be replaced including the bungee.  

The removable end cap protects the bungee from your dogs teeth while still allowing easy access.

Unique Velcro Carabiner

The Velcro Carabiner was designed specifically for the Tugmutt.  
Out of all the options, Velcro is the best solution for easily and safely attaching different bite targets.

An added benefit of using Velcro is the ability to reduce the overlap and have the bite target break free while tugging, this really encourages your dog to tug as hard and long as possible.

 Withstand the strongest of dogs!

The Tugmutt takes the power out of your dogs Tug Force, making it easier to play longer and encourages them to tug harder.

The greatest aspect that affects a dogs ability to pull the Tugmutt is their ground traction.  Dogs will be able to pull better on grass and carpet vs tile and hardwood floor.



2 products

2 products